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Kieran Adams

Between two facts

June 2, 2023
— July 23, 2023

MOCA Toronto has invited musician and composer Kieran Adams to create a new sound installation for its ongoing South Stairwell Sound Series. Bringing together audio recorded on recent travels in South Korea and the UK, as well as archival sound effect recordings, Between two facts expands on the sonics of footsteps, using their rhythmic information as a way to cue and allow other sounds to blossom. Thinking through ideas of repetition and layering – and placing focus in particular on the space between footsteps – the piece contemplates rhythms that are intrinsically human, and the perception of sound that follows. 

About the Artist

Kieran Adams is a composer, producer, drummer and DJ living between Toronto and New York. Recent projects include composing the soundtrack for the critically-acclaimed CBC series, In the Making – for which he was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award – the release of Boomerang, his first solo album under the moniker Vibrant Matter (Halocline Trance, 2021) and the release of Fly Me to the Moon EP with Joseph Shabason (Seance Center, 2022). Adams has recorded, produced and performed with artists such as Austra, U.S. Girls, The Weather Station, Bonjay, Ben Gunning, Andre Ethier, Slim Twig, Sarah Harmer and Casey Mecija. Select forthcoming projects include two solo releases as Vibrant Matter, a duo album with Joseph Shabason and a collaborative music and poetry project with Fan Wu.

Kieran Adams, 2023. Photo by Lotus Laurie Kang.

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