As of October 22, MOCA will require all visitors aged 12 and up to show proof of vaccination.

MOCA Staff

Kathleen Bartels, Executive Director & CEO
Katie Chasowy, Director of Finance & Operations
November Paynter, Artistic Director

Rui Mateus Amaral, Adjunct Curator
Alexandra Brickman, Learning Coordinator
Georgia Cowan, Head of Operations & Facilities
Trish Hunt, Senior Executive Assistant & Board Liaison
Ademir Iglesias, Finance & HR Operations Officer
Uros Jelic, Head Technician Exhibition Designer
Masaki Kondo, Digital Project Manager
Natasha Minaeva, Finance Operations Officer
Avia Wiseman, Senior Exhibition Coordinator

David Liss, Director Emeritus

MOCA Board of Directors

Brad Keast, Chair
Julia Ouellette, Chair Emeritus
Brian Boigon
Patrick Cardarelli
Neil Chander
Victoria Foley
Neill Kalvin
Hesty Leibtag
Tahnee Lloyd-Smith
Catherine Osborne
Alfredo Romano
Joanne Tod
Carol Weinbaum
Bruce Munro Wright

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416 530 2500


158 Sterling Road
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