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MOCA Staff

Kathleen Bartels, Executive Director & CEO
Natasha Minaeva, Director of Finance
Rui Mateus Amaral, Senior Adjunct Curator
Lili Vahamaki, Director of Operations & HR
Lucy Westell, Director of Strategic Fundraising
Kate Wong, Curator 


Iliana Antonova, Exhibition and Installation Manager
Candice Cavanagh, Curator of Public Programmes
Elisa Chio, Finance Coordinator
Ashley Gerling, Marketing Manager
Alex Gregory, Curatorial & Production Coordinator
Warren Harper, Operations Coordinator
Max Thomson, Development Manager 
Adrian Walton-Cordeiro, Membership Coordinator

David Liss, Director Emeritus

MOCA Board of Directors

Brad Keast, Chair
Julia Ouellette, Chair Emeritus
Michael Bertrand
Brian Boigon
Neil Chander
Sassan Jahan
Neill Kalvin
Karim Kanji
Hesty Leibtag
Catherine Osborne
Geoff Plant-Richmond
Alfredo Romano
Carol Weinbaum
Bruce Munro Wright

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Image: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, on the floor: “Untitled” (Public Opinion), 1995 / top: “Untitled” (North), 1993 / right -background: “Untitled,” 1989 / right: “Untitled” (Shield), 1990 / left: “Untitled” (Golden), 1995. Installation view, MOCA Toronto. Copyright: Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Courtesy of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation. Photo: Laura Findlay.