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Two structures, both 11 feet in height, comprise Double Gazebo (MOCA). The assembly is intersected, as opposed to combined or conjoined; one structure cannot be altered without destroying the other. This doubled structure offers viewers partial shelter while acting as a platform for shared experiences and an awareness that our bodies exist and take up space.

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Walk the Walk, 2018

neon, paint, 33 × 44 in (83.8 × 111.8 cm), courtesy of the artists and Kadist Art Foundation. Photo: Jason Lujan.
Double Gazebo (Markham), 2020-21

Installation view at the outdoor courtyard of the Varley Art Gallery of Markham.
Steel, plexiglass, cedar wood, paint.

Photo by Jack McCombe. Courtesy of the artists and the City of Markham's Public Art Program.
Bureau of Aesthetics, 2020

Mercer Union, Toronto, Courtesy of the artists and Mercer Union.