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Erin Shirreff


December 5, 2020
–December 18, 2020

Erin Shirreff, Still, 2019. Colour video, silent, 39′00″ loop. Courtesy of the artist and Bradley Ertaskiran, Montreal.

In Still (2019), a silent and durational video, the artist knits together a series of tableaus of graphite-colored, poured plaster forms into a seamless, unending scroll. Rough-hewn slabs, flat arcs, and nondescript bowl-like volumes are interspersed with casts of more recognizable objects, all lit with a single raking light and backdrop of deep black into which elements, at random moments, recede. The work evokes 17th-century Vanitas compositions and, with its play of shadow and scale, an abandoned modernist cityscape, or a scattered workshop table late at night. 

This video has been selected as part of a programmatic take over by independent curator, Daisy Desrosiers.

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