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GTA24 Screening: Kamias Triennial, Sasalubong/Will Meet

Saturday, July 13, 2024
 | 2:00 pm
 | Cost: $15
10% off to Enthusiast, Catalyst and Sustaining Members | Location: Paradise Theatre

The 4th Kamias Triennial (KT4) takes up the multiplicities of long-distance concepts and practices, examining how they shape and reshape connections among individuals and their environments. Central to its exploration is a hospitality framework, encompassing both radical and everyday manifestations, as a potential means to resist oppressive systems and foster understanding across non-linear time systems and perceived geographical boundaries. The screening program, Sasalubong (Tagalog for “will meet,” or “will welcome”), projects a future-oriented and hopeful perspective. KT4’s thematic thread involves identity formation, evident in the short video and film works.

In Bohovee’s INAWOR, a ritual unfolds between his two personas, “The Mom-beki” and Martin, exploring maternal instincts and fertility. Kiri Dalena’s latest work critically addresses the social inequalities in the Philippines. A.S.M. Kobayashi’s File No. 2304 explores Canada’s shameful history of Japanese internment and forced labour camps through the artist’s meticulous examination of her great-grandfather’s government custodial file, unearthing hidden narratives within its inventories and documents. Tanya and Olive Villaneuva’s Ligaya presents a true story of a pregnant 19-year-old baby talking to her 20-year-old baby, talking to their 21-year-old baby.

About the Artists

Kamias Triennial (KT) is an itinerant and collectively curated event with roots in Asia and Canada. It was founded in 2014 and the first three iterations (in 2014, 2017, and 2020) took place in Manila, Philippines. KT positions itself within a globalized art world through sustained relationships, its intimate scale, and intersectional conversations. It presents exhibitions, events, public dialogues, and relationship-building activities, contributing to contemporary art discourses through timely programming that embraces, critiques, and expands upon both eastern and western approaches to art production. Patrick Cruz is an artist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough who explores the intersections of folk spirituality, diasporic aesthetics, cultural hybridity, and decolonization in his work. Su-Ying Lee is an independent curator who has also worked in institutions. Karie Liao is a community-driven art curator and assistant curator at the Blackwood Gallery; she engages public space to collectively address contemporary issues, integrating a range of experiences, from curating artist’s books to overseeing large-scale art installations, into her practice.

Kamias Triennial Co-Directors/Curators: Patrick Cruz, Su-Ying Lee, Karie Liao
Contributing Artists: Bohovee, Kiri Dalena, A.S.M. Kobayashi, Tanya & Olive Villaneuva

GTA24 Live & Screening Programme

Greater Toronto Art 2024 (GTA24) showcases 25 intergenerational artists, duos, and collectives from or with a connection to the region. The exhibition is accompanied by a Live Programme, with newly commissioned performances, and a Screening Programme, featuring exclusive film presentations delivered at Paradise Theatre.

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Kamias Triennial, Kamias Special Projects headquarters. Courtesy of the artist. Photo credit by MM Yu.

Venue Information

Paradise Theatre

1006 Bloor St W.
Toronto, ON Canada

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