Now Open: Greater Toronto Art 2024, March 22–July 28.

Jesse Chun’s practice addresses language and its politics through found documents, bureaucracies, historic archives and texts.Recently, Chun has focused on English, the world’s most dominant language. Her current work considers the systems used to institutionalize global communication, and English’s entanglement with colonialism and Western hegemony. Through visual, sonic, and semiotic abstractions, Chun invites new meanings and allows an untranslatable space to emerge, a process that she calls “unlanguaging.”

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O (for various skies), 2021

Projections, mirrors, sound

Photo: Jesse Chun (Installation view MOCA Toronto).
score (for unlanguaging) no.0705, no.0720, no.0807, 2021

Graphite, pigment, layered vellum paper, pins, aluminum frame, UV plexi, graphite on wall

Photo: Jesse Chun (Installation view MOCA Toronto).
translations (on evidence, untranslatable futures, and other drawings),, 2019

sublimation dye transfer on aluminum, graphite on wall, etched latex, bureaucratic watermarks, pins, aluminum frame, wood frame, dimensions variable.