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Morgan-Paige Melbourne

My Ancestor Summons Me

December 15, 2021
— January 30, 2022
South stairwell sound installation

“Passed down from each generation, an ancestor tells their tale which follows you in this stairwell. The sound of inheritance from the drones, the sound of a continued story from the echoed voices that ring through.”

My Ancestor Summons Me, commissioned for the MOCA stairwell sound series, responds to the term “Inheritance,” which is used as a frame for the selection of artworks on the second floor of the exhibition GTA21. The work is accompanied by an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environment, which can be viewed with or without a VR headset, on Mozilla Hubs.

You can also listen to the sound work for My Ancestor Summons Me here:

Morgan-Paige Melbourne (b. 1995, Huntsville, Canada) is a Toronto-based pianist, composer, and vocalist. Her compositional and performance practice explores creating a voice from an experience; an extension of an element that may not be present elsewhere.

Morgan-Paige Melbourne, My Ancestor Summons Me, 2021.

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