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TD Community Sunday: Indoor Jogging by Germaine Liu & Christopher Willes

With Germaine Liu & Christopher Willes
Sunday, August 30, 2020
 – Friday, December 18, 2020

Recommended Age: All-Ages

Indoor Jogging is an online booklet of sound-making and listening exercises by artists/composers/musicians Germaine Liu and Christopher Willes. Each exercise takes the form of an audio score (voice recording) that invites a friendly exchange with an object and your immediate surroundings. 

Indoor Jogging is guided listening for your home enjoyment.

What is a score?

Like a recipe, a score facilitates a process in time. A score asks its reader to consider a scenario and interpret, respond, experience, attend and take action. A score is a way of asking. While traditional scores are often written on paper, Indoor Jogging proposes the voice recording as an experimental form of audible notation that holds a particular duration and tempo––like a guided meditation.

How does it work?

The online booklet hosts a series of scores which invite you to create sounds using everyday objects. The exercises can be experienced by:

  • Listening to the audio score and/or reading the timed-text as it appears on the screen. 
  • Listening to a sound recording of the artists’ interpretation of the score.
  • Performing the score by yourself or with a friend.

Liu and Willes will be adding new scores to the booklet over the course of the month.

Indoor Jogging draws on experimental music and performance practices that incorporate verbal notation, such as ‘prose scores’ and the ‘event score’. The project offers these playful propositions for listening as a way of working on ourselves—our attention, presence, and capacity to care for our surroundings and each other. Indoor Jogging frolics in the felt-ness of sound.

Germaine Liu is a composer, improviser and percussionist. Some of her work focuses on the tactile, movement, sonic and physical explorations of found objects and percussion instruments. She has composed a number of solo and ensemble works and is active in the Toronto Creative Music Scene. She is fortunate to be part of various ensembles like Octopus, Imaginary Percussion Ensemble, c_RL, The Titillators, Picastro, Socks and Sandals, and mouse food. Liu enjoys friendly collaborations and hopes to compose music for any participants that are willing to play. Christopher Willes is a multidisciplinary artist, composer/musician, and facilitator based in Toronto and Montreal. His work focuses on the subject of listening, as inherently interdisciplinary and relational practice—combining performance, exhibition, publication, collaboration, and learning. He also regularly facilitates workshops on sound and listening in visual and performing arts settings. He studied music at the University of Toronto, and received an MFA from Bard College.

This event takes place on TD Community Sunday.
TD Community Sundays are made possible through TD Community Sundays by TD Bank Group through its corporate citizenship platform TD Ready Commitment.

Title images: Christopher Willes