Now Open: Greater Toronto Art 2024, March 22–July 28.

Sharlene Bamboat, Both, Instrument & Sound (film still), 2023 Courtesy of the Artist.

Sharlene Bamboat

Greater Toronto Art 2024

Sharlene Bamboat (b. Karachi, Pakistan) is a moving image and installation artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. Her practice engages with translation, history, and sound to uncover sensory and fractured ways of understanding relationships between the self and the social across transnational contexts. Bamboat’s work examines the role of colonialism, globalization, culture, and desire through poetics, abstraction, and collaborations with artists, musicians, and writers. Her work has been exhibited at the Cinémathèque québécoise (Montréal), Flaherty Film Seminar (New York), International Film Festival Rotterdam, Art of the Real (New York), Mantiq of the Mantis Project Space (Lahore), Sharjah Film Platform, Berlinale: Forum Expanded, IndieLisboa International Film Festival (Lisbon), Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), Mercer Union (Toronto), and Bangalore Queer Film Festival.

For GTA24, the Toronto premiere of Bamboat’s Both, Instrument & Sound, will be presented. This film follows the activist life of protagonist Tony from the 1970s onwards and explores the tensions and transformations of solidarity movements and political friendships over the past decades.

GTA24 Screening

GTA24 Screening: Both, Instrument & Sound, Sharlene Bamboat
Saturday, July 13, 2024 | 7:00 pm | Cost: $15
10% off to Enthusiast, Catalyst, and Sustaining Members | Location: Paradise Theatre

Both, Instrument & Sound, directed by Sharlene Bamboat, follows the life of 80 year old Tony as he describes his process of political activism from the 1970s onwards. The 16mm film employs tension as an aesthetic strategy, to explore solidarity, collective struggle, and the transformation of these values under neoliberalism. The film’s score – co-written with musicians, the film’s cast and crew – sonically explores different interpretations of tension, which are performed and remixed using instruments of their choice. In the face of a growing politics and language of individualism, the film questions discourses and practices of solidarity. Through hand-processed 16mm film and collective listening practices, the collision of flesh and friendship, sonic and visual tension and the complications of solidarity are explored.

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