June 10, 2011

VIDEODROME is an exercise in video screening as party and vice-versa, striving to bridge the gaps between the sofa, the club, and the gallery. A one-night event of visual music, live video performance and installation by 18 producers of work with a strong audio-visual link, experimental video works which function as dance music, A/V, mash-up, visual music.

Visual music is video and audio composition made from video edits, simultaneously video AND music where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, creating an audiovisual synesthesia, a serendipitous symmetry of sensory unity. Referencing the recombinant nature of contemporary culture, this fast paced, high density layering of innumerous juxtapositions of cultural referent upon referent, loop upon loop, cut, reverse, repeat; to manifest the attention deficit disordered, obsessive compulsive, schizophrenic consciousness of the contemporary mind. This night is a semi-Gesamtkunstwerk (“total work of art”) for the YouTube generation.

Derived by innocent post-situationist means from Cronenberg’s 1983 film of the same name where VIDEODROME is a hyperbolic over stimulation of sex and violence; this VIDEODROME is an exercise in televisionary excess, a media frenzied indulgence in the all-at-onceness of seeing, of hearing, moreover of experiencing.

Here at the site of collision between sight and sound, thunder and lightning, eye and ear, we find ourselves in the VIDEODROME, the video arena.

Featuring work by: Augart/ Bad Credit/ bossFYTE/ David Matton/ Emad Dabiri/ Felix Kalmenson/ Istvan Kantor/ John Chung/ Jubal Brown/ Kurkop/ Kyle Duffield/ Noel Middleton/ nwodtleM/ Ouananiche/ Pete OHearn/ Smearballs/ TalixZen/ Video Samurai

VIDEODROME is presented by MOCCA and organized by Jubal Brown in co-operation with Drop Frame Video and Apocalypse Tomorrow

Opening Reception

Friday June 10, 8 pm – 1 am