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Xuan Ye Performs The Spire Choir (2022)

Friday, July 8, 2022
 | 6:00 pm
 – 9:15 pm 
 | Tickets via Array Space
Start at 6 pm & 8 pm

The Spire Choir is a sound performance involving a human performer and a bio-sensing voicing apparatus that is co-crafted by Xuan Ye and Jason Doell. Performing with and in algorithms, the Spire Choir intersects the acts of vocal improvisation, mindful movement and neurofeedback. The resulting soundscape spires up through multimodal entanglements of sound, mind, body and cognitive technologies.

The live performance will take place at Array Space. The event will also be livestreamed onsite at MOCA via QR code.

Xuan Ye 叶轩 makes publications, installations and performances through a myriad of technologies, often involving improvisation and computation. They work with more-than-human networks such as the Internet, machine intelligence, electronic circuits and living matters to experiment with multi-sensory world-building.

Xuan Ye also received support from The Canada Council for the Arts to help realize this project.

Xuan Ye, The Spire Choir, 2022.

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