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Pint-Sized Conversations: Body of Work with Cason Sharpe (Art Metropole)

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
 | 7:00 pm
 – 9:00 pm 
 | Free

Pint-Sized Conversations a weekly Wednesday night brought to you by Henderson Brewing Co. MOCA will present “Body of Work” every second Wednesday of the month.

“Body of Work” talk invites artists and those who have worked across the floors of MOCA Toronto—members of Akin’s Studio Program, Art Metropole, the Ontario Science Centre’s studio residency and the Toronto Biennial—to discuss their individual practices. ‘Body’ is a term used to describe the texture and weight of beer, and the word body in artistic practice often refers to a particular arrangement of artworks. The speakers in this series have been invited to respond to this duality.

Cason Sharpe will give an introduction to the world of arts publishing by providing micro-reviews of three titles available from the Art Metropole catalogue. By dissecting these three books, Cason will distinguish the artist book as a unique form that exists in conversation with but separately from the more traditional worlds of visual art or literary publishing.


Cason Sharpe is a writer currently based in Toronto. His fiction and criticism has appeared in Canadian Art, C Magazine, PRISM International, The Hart House Review, and GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine, among others. His first collection of short stories, Our Lady of Perpetual Realness, was released by Metatron Press in 2017. He has worked as the Manager of Art Metropole since 2018.

Art Metropole is a not-for-profit organization with a focus on the production, dissemination and contextualization of artist-initiated publication in any media, especially those formats and practices predisposed to sharing and circulation. Found in 1974 by the artist collective General Idea, Art Metropole now operates a retail storefront in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto, as well as its own publishing program, and an extensive archive at the National Gallery of Canada.

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Image Credit: Photo by Ben Rahn Photography Inc.

Venue Information

Henderson Brewery

128A Sterling Rd.
Toronto, ON Canada