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Kinstillations with Dayna Danger and R de Loggans

Friday, July 22, 2022
 | 7:00 pm
 – 8:00 pm 
 | Free

Join MOCA Toronto for a performative activation of Jeffrey Gibson’s exhibition I AM YOUR RELATIVE. The performance, titled Kistallations, is presented in partnership with Soul of Nations and combines the practices of contemporary artists Dayna Danger and R de Loggans in collaboration with the Indigenous International: Green Architecture Project Artist fellows of Kenya.

The duo will explore how colonized peoples from different parts of the world are bound to one another through the architecture of home and body; their holistic collaboration offers insight into shared colonial traumas and politics of refusal, as survivors of ongoing colonialism. Danger and de Loggans offer a performance of construction, in which they will bind themselves and build structure within Gibson’s installation. As part of the performance, audio between the Artist Fellows from the Soul of Nation Foundations fellowship will act as a soundtrack. Viewers will hear the conversations held between the group while Danger and de Loggans bead together, feast together, mourn and create. In dialogue with Gibson’s project, Danger and de Loggans will disrupt the space and ultimately build a web-like structure within the space, paying homage to shared architectural practices as a basis of interwoven narratives of resistance.
Boošoo, aaniin, Dayna Danger ndizhnikaas, Métis -Saulteaux ndow. Wabyska muckwa ndodem. Ningābī’anong Miiskwaagamiwiziibiing ndōnjī. Wābnong Tiohtiá:ke/Mōniyāng nōgom daya. Mīgwetch diked Unceded Kanien’kehá:ka nibabāmādiz, minawā chi’odaminwān gaye anokī-an omā aki.

Dayna Danger (they/them) is a Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer, Métis-Saulteaux-Polish, visual artist, hide tanner, drummer and beadworker. Danger’s art practice is an act of reclaiming space and power over society’s projections of sexualities and representation. This transpires in Danger’s art by their intentionally large-scale images that place importance on women-identified, Two-Spirit, transgender and non-binary people. Their art uses symbolic references to kink communities to critically interrogate visibility and rejection. Danger centres Kin and practicing consent to build artworks that create a suspension of reality wherein complex dynamics of sexuality, gender and power are exchanged.

R de Loggans (they/them) is an Indigiqueer artist, curator, and educator based in Lenapehoking (so-called New York City). De Loggans has a multifaceted practice and identity, one that embraces Indigenous diaspora, radical politics of refusal, queer kink and Indigenous anarchism. Their artistry is informed by their work as a history educator, asserting Indigenous and queer representation as a means of reclamation and resistance. Their work highlights the intersection between Indigenous historical and futurist narratives, challenging folx in the present to reconsider and renegotiate their complacency to ongoing settler colonialism.

Image: left – Dayna Danger / right – R de Loggans

Venue Information

MOCA Toronto

158 Sterling Rd
Toronto, ON  M6R 2B7

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