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Invasive Species with Dr. Sandy Smith | The Life of a Dead Tree

Friday, June 7, 2019
 | 7:00 pm
 – 9:00 pm 
 | $5

Floor 1

Experience The Life of a Dead Tree by Mark Dion through a series of talks, workshops, and guided walks that open up an appreciation for dead trees and the myriad life forms they support.

Dr. Sandy Smith is a Professor in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto. She specializes in forest health, urban forestry, and is a leading expert in the ecology and biological management of invasive forest species. Taking the ash tree on display in Mark Dion’s exhibition as her starting point, Smith discusses her research investigating the effects that invasive insects and dying trees have on forests.



Dr. Sandy Smith is a Professor in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto, and is cross-appointed to the School of the Environment, UTSC, and Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB), University of Waterloo, and Algoma University. Sandy has published over 140 journal articles and book chapters in the area of forest health and urban forestry, and has served on national science committees (NSERC) and provincial scientific panels for managing invasive insects including Asian long-horned beetle (ALHB) and emerald ash borer (EAB). Her research addresses ecosystem resilience and the natural control of forest pest species, including invasive insects, earthworms, and plants.

Registration includes access to the museum and The Life of a Dead Tree.

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