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Exploring AI Image Generation with Exhibiting Artist Debashis Sinha

Saturday, April 30, 2022
 | 12:00 pm
 – 4:00 pm 
 | Free
In-person | Drop-in

Join sound artist Debashis Sinha for an informal and hands-on session to explore machine learning from an artist’s perspective. Deb will take participants through a brief overview of how machine learning and neural networks function, touching upon some of the issues in the current deployments of AI in the world today and some of the ways artists are using these tools. The bulk of the session will be for participants to try out the machine learning process on their devices through various web-based tools, inspiring further exploration and maybe an artwork of their own.

Participants should bring a laptop or tablet with wireless internet connectivity. A Google account would be useful for participants interested in delving deeper, but not necessary.

Debashis Sinha is a musician and sound artist. His work can be heard at MOCA in the South stairwell.

Debashis Sinha, Brahmaputra (edit), 2020. Image output from a neural network text (CC12M Diffusion model by RiversHaveWings).

Venue Information

MOCA Toronto

158 Sterling Rd
Toronto, ON  M6R 2B7

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